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You are investing in yourself!

Coaching is a process and change takes time and effort.  In order to experience the full benefit of a coaching relationship, new clients should be prepared to commit themselves to an initial program of three months, with monthly renewals thereafter.  Most clients engage for 6-12 months.

Fees are payable monthly, in advance - we have a variety of payment methods including check, credit card and Paypal.

Coaching fees may be tax deductible if you are using coaching to improve your business and professional skills, check with your tax advisor or accountant.

Coaching Plans

If after the exploratory session you decide you would like to go forward in a coaching relationship with Carolina Life Coaching, the following fees will apply:

Maximum Impact Plan - $400 inclusive.

This is a complete package which includes three scheduled telephone calls (each up to 60 minutes duration), supported by unlimited e-mail contact and several brief contact calls per month.

New clients may choose to sign up for three months at the outset and will receive a discounted rate of $1050 (save $150!) with immediate payment.  Subsequent months would be at the standard rate of $400.

Clients may wish to arrange additional call sessions (30-45 minutes) at $100 per session.

Per session fee

Particularly with activity based performance coaching we find that clients often prefer to book single sessions.  Single sessions are $120 each and include up to five email contacts. 

Face to Face sessions

Local client wanting to work face to face will be charged an additional 15% over the standard rate.

Group Coaching/Consulting rates begin at $200/hour.

Training and Speaking Engagements

Full day training sessions are billed at $1000, half day training sessions are $600.

Discounts are available for non-profit organizations.