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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from coaching?

  • You will learn new skills and tools to build a more successful and satisfying future
  • You will have a specific action plan formulated just for you to help achieve your realistic goals
  • You will identify and eliminate reoccurring problems You will be motivated to be unstuck
  • You will find greater satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment in your life

Executive Coaching is for those looking to increase their leadership skills, increase performance from their department or team, or transition into a new position, or various aspects in the workplace.

Personal Coaching is ideal for individuals wanting to make changes in their life. this may include weight loss, smoking cessation, relationship changes, becoming more organized, and one we address often is work/life balance. One may also use a personal coach to maximize their potential in athletics, music, and or rehabilitate from illness or injury. Any part of you life that isn't meeting your expectations can be addressed through coaching.

 Why is coaching so successful?

  • It focuses on positive action. Working in partnership with your coach, you accomplish much more than you could achieve alone. Coaching stimulates, motivates and empowers you. It helps you break through your limiting beliefs and self doubt. Coaching unlocks the potential you already have within you.
  • The coaching structure creates support, motivation and accountability.

Will coaching be suitable for me?

There are no hard and fast rules in this regard so we adopt a common sense approach working together with the potential client to help decide if coaching is appropriate for them. We are very experienced in drawing the best out of people and custom design our services.

If Carolina Life Coaching isn't suitable for you an appropriate referral will be made.